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Four Seasons Resort

Four Seasons Resort





Calistoga, California

239,272 SQFT


The Four Seasons Resort and Residences consists of multiple buildings spread through a 22.5-acre site in a campus type atmosphere. Including a lodge, 16 Villas with 85 hotel units, 20 single family residences and a large central pool facility, the resort focuses on the culture of Wine Country and has approximately 6 acres of reclaimed vineyards on site that offer an amazing view and ambiance for the guests. The architecture takes a nod to the agrarian character and landscape of the region while highlighting the remarkable views of the Palisade mountains and surrounding vineyards.

The Lodge portion of the project is located on the western end of the site where guests arrive to a generous autocourt at the center of the main buildings, then into the lobby where valet parking is provided via an underground garage. North of the autocourt is a luxurious spa building with outdoor areas for various treatments and relaxation, connected to a fitness building that opens out to a deck made for yoga and pilates with a view. Towards the east, there is a Restaurant with display kitchen and bar, wine tasting and general store, as well as a winery and barrel storage with owners’ dining rooms located on the lower level. A banquet hall and event lawn are also provided between the fitness and lobby buildings.

The Villas are spread throughout the middle part of the site on the north and south straddling the pool area, with between 2 to 8 units per villa. A Presidential Villa includes its own pool and multiple lock offs for various uses. Private residences located on the eastern end of the site can remain for owner use only or can be a part of the hotel rental program. Each residence has its own private patios and garage for use by the homeowners.

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