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Holiday Center

Holiday Center





Frisco, Colorado

15,157 SQFT


The Holiday Center re-skin is consistent with the adjacent Holiday Inn to create a cohesive environment that fits within the authentic mountain town character of Frisco. The exterior materials include stone, stucco, corrugated metal, and timber elements. Design features serve to break up the existing blank façades including low pitched roofs, flat trellises, stone and wood columns, and new fenestration patterns. Two added staircases on each end of the building echo the form of the Holiday Inn across the parking lot, as well as the large pitched roof and trusses over the center of the building. The added elevator provides handicapped access to all floor levels and mimics a large fireplace and chimney to create a warm central element that invites users to the building. The combination of these features and the use leads to a greatly improved aesthetic for the Holiday Center that is in harmony with the adjacent Holiday Inn and Frisco as a whole.

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