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The Rocky Mountain Repertory Theatre

The Rocky Mountain Repertory Theatre





Grand Lake, Colorado

12,000 SQFT

Performing Arts

The Rocky Mountain Repertory Theatre was designed to replace the existing facility which had been out grown. The Rocky Mountain Repertory Theatre Group is a non-profit organization that promotes the development and interest of performing arts in Grand County, CO through performances and educational workshops. The facility is also used during the off months for weddings, business venues, and educational lectures as well as a movie hall for local gatherings.

This new building is approximately 12,000 square feet in size and contains a 4,500 square foot Theatre/Hall with seating for over 300 patrons with an orchestra pit partially hidden under the stage thrust but contained within the proscenium walls. An additional 2,400 square feet provides a community room and (2) dressing rooms as well as a costume shop/children’s dressing room. There is a rehearsal room that completely opens to an outdoor patio to allow for public viewing as an added attraction between performances.

During the design process and in keeping with the quaint historic Town’s design guidelines, OPI provided a design that looked like the structure had always been a part of Main Street. No height variances were required as the hall and stage were excavated below grade. We worked with the Town staff, the Historic Prevention District, the Planning Commission and Town Council as well as several vested parties to design an exterior that was consistent with the Town’s goals and historic guidelines.

RMRT was also designed keeping the non-profit fundraising capabilities in mind. The design was orchestrated to take advantage of adding portions of the work as the fundraising progressed. The rehearsal room as well as the lobby, dressing rooms and set construction areas were all laid out with the intention that if the funds were not available in time for construction, that they could be phased in at a later date. Construction began and all of the design options were eventually added back in (at an agreed bid price) as “buy backs” as the fund raising efforts were successful

OPI played an important role in designing a flexible facility that could be added to as funds allowed. We also provided marketing information and a theatre walk-through video that was instrumental in the fundraising efforts. We took an active role in helping the community and fund raising chairs contact patrons of the arts from all across the country for support. As the community and donors rallied behind this effort, the fundraising amounts exceeded all expectations and the project has been a huge success.

The arts have always had a special spot in OPI’s operational philosophy and as such, some of our services have been donated to the non-profits that we have worked with over the years as well as continued support every year.

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